Announcing the CrowdRiff Early Access Program

Integrating Google Vision into CrowdRiff was just the first step. Many of you asked about getting access (thanks!), and we’ve got a lot of new features on the horizon, so…

We’re thrilled to announce the CrowdRiff Early Access Program.

What Is It?

The Early Access Program (EAP) will give you a chance to use and shape our newest innovations. It’ll provide a framework for us to understand the challenges you’re facing, share features we’re working on and get your feedback to make them even better. We’re making some big improvements to CrowdRiff, and we want you to be part of the process.

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3 Reasons You Should Join the Early Access Program

1. You’ll get our newest features before anyone else. Uploading and Auto-tagging are up first, but we’ve got a bunch of new features on the way. We’ll be sharing details soon.

2. You’ll be able to work the way you do now, only better. We want to enhance your existing workflow, not replace it. The features we release will be safely layered onto your existing CrowdRiff platform, so you’ll get the CrowdRiff you’ve always loved, but with more power.

3. You’ll play an active role in shaping future releases. Your feedback will go directly to our product team and will help us stay focused on the most important problems and features to create something great.


  • What happens when I apply? We’ll review your application and reach out for more information if necessary. We’ll be adding people in phases – we want to keep everything running smoothly so we’ll be inviting new members over the next few months.
  • What happens once I’m selected? You’ll get a personalized onboarding session to show you the new features and answer any additional questions.
  • What’s my commitment? Ideally, we’d like you to participate for at least six months, though you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. We’ll also be sending you updates on the new features you’re using and asking for you to contribute feedback after you’ve used them for a few weeks.
  • What does it cost? We’re still working on that, but here’s what we can tell you: there’s no cost right now, and we’ll give you lots of notice before we start charging. Our primary objective is to make sure the new features are providing you value. We also want as many people using these features as possible, so we’re designing future pricing to work for organizations and requirements of different sizes.

The Early Access Program will be ramping up quickly in the coming months, so if you’re ready to help us shape the future of content marketing, grab your spot now!

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