CrowdRiff Hits the Big Screen at Cassandra Summit 2014

[Originally posted on Planet Cassandra]

We may not have been able to meet Long Jedi Silver, or slice ourselves a piece of Southern California’s largest Raspberry Pi, but when Billy Bosworth and Co. took the stage for their keynote speeches at Cassandra Summit 2014, we were right beside them.  Okay, we weren’t there in person, but we built the real-time social slideshow that was running on the screens at the sides of the stage.  We took in the opening ceremonies from our Toronto headquarters, downing enough burgers and poutine to earn a stern talking-to from our respective physicians, but being a part of the proceedings made us feel so close to the conference Orbeus could’ve analyzed our faces.

The Lens slideshow on screen at Cassandra Summit 2014 

Atmospheric displays are just one of the many applications of Lens, our all-in-one engagement engine, acquisition initiator and insight layer.  As Cassandroids everywhere posted photos from the conference, or from one of the many mixers happening around the world, Lens was capturing, analyzing and judo chopping them for use in #CassandraSummit, the convention’s official social hub.

To the end user, Lens is a sleek photo experience, but with social sign-in, self-activating in-channel notifications and deep integrations with social infrastructure providers, the platform goes far beyond aggregation-and-display.  Lens scours the subfields and mines the metadata to squeeze every drop of value out of an audience’s social content, helping organizations glean insights and optimize engagement.  That level of functionality requires an immaculately organized database, which is where Cassandra comes in.  With ol’ Steady Eddie (or Consistent Cassie, as the case may be) anchoring our back end, our database is reliable, scalable, and as our CTO puts it, delightfully unexciting:

It’s the most boring part of our infrastructure, which is a huge compliment.  You want your database to be predictable, so not having to worry about it is amazing.”

– Abhinav Ajgaonkar, CTO, CrowdRiff

A Match Made in the Cluster

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 4.52.07 PM
Desktop view of Lens

Taking care of both immediate content creation and long-term acquisition, Lens is perfect for conventions and travel destinations because it’s both a live-event and a legacy resource.

“CrowdRiff Lens is a great tool to use for conferences. It is very intuitive, has a clean interface and gives us a central place to showcase all the great photos that were taken during the event.”

– Lina Tran, Community Specialist, DataStax

A great database frees developers to take on more ambitious projects knowing that their data is resting on a solid foundation.  Lens and Cassandra bring the best out of each other, and Lens’ presence at Summit 2014 was a prime example of that synergistic effect.

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