How To Make The Most Of Your C100 48 Hours In The Valley

CrowdRiff is honoured to have been one of the 17 most innovative Canadian Startups to be invited to attend 48 Hours In The Valley with C100 in December 2015.

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Now that the exciting trip is over, the momentum shouldn’t stop. We had a chat with a 48 Hour alum and COO of FinanceIt, Casper Wong, to get some tips on how to make the most of the trip.

Ride The Wave Of Momentum

We asked Casper what advice would he give to someone who has just come back from 48 hours in the Valley. He stressed how it important it is to not lose the momentum of the trip after you come back from the Valley.

Pull out all of their business cards of every single person you have met and figure out what the right follow-up should be. Should you send and email or give your new connections a call. Whatever you do, just pick up and act quickly. 

Make A List And Action It

Another strategy he recommends is to sit down with your co-founders and develop a list of all the things you want to implement or change immediately and start working on that as soon as possible. Don’t forget to assign owners for every single item on your list.

You should circle back to that list every week and check your progress. Don’t let the big wave of inspiration from your 48 Hours In The Valley trip dissipate as you get sucked back into the day-to-day of your business.

Casper Wong, COO of FinanceIT.

Follow Up Tips

When following up with your new connections, you can try to create a sense of urgency and purpose for your communication. If you don’t hear back after your first contact, don’t get discouraged. Try again. Potential partners and investors might be testing your follow through and tenacity.

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