New Feature: Facebook Photos!

When it comes to UGC photo platforms, many see Facebook as something of a locked door, both because of the privacy of the content and the difficulty of collecting it.  Photos posted on people’s walls are private, so what can you do?  You can collect photos from Pages, that’s what!  We’re now pulling in photos from Facebook Pages, which lets Lens clients create better continuity between social properties.

Lens now scans the last 30 days of posts on brand Pages, collecting anything Facebook identifies as public media.  It ignores statuses, links, and any posts shared to Facebook through the Lens interface (e.g. photos added to an album through Lens), so it only brings new content into your Lens stream.


If your brand allows others to post media to the Page, it will be collected as well, but by and large, photos from Facebook will have been posted by your brand.  Facebook therefore plays a slightly different role in Lens than Twitter and Instagram, as its value is as a communication channel more than a content source.  There’s still value to connecting Facebook Pages to Lens, though.  It makes creating themed Facebook albums faster and easier, and integrating social accounts is a great way to create crossover traffic and grow your overall social presence.

Tupelo CVB posted this photo on its Facebook Page – does it not seem like something its audience would want to see in a gallery?


If your Westhaven, whose audience is trying to get a sense of life in the community, wouldn’t you want to post this?


Facebook may play a different role than the other networks, but it adds another layer of value to Lens.

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