Party Animals: Maroon 5 Uses Halloween Photo Contest to Promote Single

It’s fitting that Maroon 5’s latest single is called “Animals”, because the band’s a beast on social media. Simply by indulging fans’ excitement for Halloween, Maroon 5 fed its user database so many sweet photos it gave its conversion rate a sugar high. Halloween is often marked by horror and dread, but the scariest part of Maroon 5’s fright night campaign was how easy it was to run.

As the faint scent of candle wax and pumpkins started to fill the October air, Maroon 5 sensed an opportunity to use the Halloween buzz on social to connect with its community. Using “Animals” as a tie-in, the band launched #M5Halloween, a social photo contest challenging fans to show off their best animal-themed pumpkin-party getups. With a trip to LA for Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Night on the line, there was more at stake than a field full of witches.


All fans had to do was use the hashtag, and the #M5Halloween platform did the rest, showcasing entries in a curated gallery and handling contest registration directly through interface. The one-stop contesting shop made promotion a snap – all the band had to do was promote the hashtag. The gallery was soon filled with all kinds of anthropomorphized fauna.

The response was incredible, in terms of both volume and conversion. #M5Halloween is a prime example of how marketing teams should be using user-generated content to score easy wins. A simple idea paired with a well-designed social platform makes for low-effort, high-yield marketing that actively engages audiences while significantly increasing conversion rates and user acquisition.

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