Judochop Cuts Corners to Improve User Experience

What’s wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this photo?

Most people would say nothing, beyond the rather timeworn subject matter, but our photo platform developers can immediately spot a foible.

Remember when all Instagram photos were square?  Thanks to the scads of photo apps out there, as well as Instagram’s own updated cropping features, the days of the old 612 X 612 are long gone.

As much as widescreening the bacon-wrapped bacon ball you just bought at a food truck may help you convey the gravitas of the moment, the borders and bars users are putting on their photos can make photo galleries rather unsightly.  It’s not the users’ problem – they should be free to frame their photos as they see fit – it’s our responsibility to adapt.

Introducing Judochop for CrowdRiff Lens

Over the weekend, we silently launched a new backend feature called Judochop, which reframes cropped photos from Twitter and Instagram to preserve the simple elegance of our galleries.  Check out the before-and-after shots below – the difference is remarkable.  Starting today, every new photo processed by CrowdRiff Lens will be ‘Judochopped’ to ensure visitors have the best experience possible. That means more engagement, more sign-ups and more time hanging out with your content.

Screenshot of Photochop CrowdRiff Lens Update

Note: Judochop doesn’t actually ‘cut corners’ or crop or alter any photos. It removes excess white space and solid borders while preserving every inch of the original photo posted by the user.

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