New Feature: Search Analytics For All Your Social Accounts

We’ve just launched search analytics! Now you can get stats on anything and everything and also see pretty graphs.

Who doesn’t love data visualization?

OK, maybe it’s only us for now but soon, you’ll be loving it too and here’s why.

Want to send your boss a snazzy update on how awesome you are at your job? Grab a graph from Search Analytics!

Want more budget for next quarter? Show the numbers that will earn you the extra budget!

New CrowdRiff Analytics

All of the unique search queries that get you amazing results in your visual content collection now give you amazing analytics as well.

Let The Numbers Speak For Themselves

Use Search Analytics to find out exactly how many photos were posted about your recent events.

Want to know how many times your official hashtag was used in photos all year? Just search and you shall find.

You can even find out how many times your hashtag was used at a specific location on a specific date.

Stats like these make you look like a marketing rockstar to your boss and stakeholders. It also feels good to see your hard work quantified.

This new feature is available to all of our clients.

Join a personalized walkthrough of the new feature and get ideas on how to use it for your account.

No need to thank us for the inevitable pats on the back.

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