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New: Adding Rights-Approved Visuals to Galleries Is Easier Than Ever Before

Now you can request rights as you add visuals to a Gallery

Your Galleries showcase your destination in a way that only UGC can — the authentic experience captured by visitors and locals alike. But, as a responsible travel marketer, you always make sure you’re only using rights-approved visuals in your Galleries. 

This process used to require two steps. You’d request the rights, and later when they were granted, you would come back and add the asset to the Gallery.

Now confidently adding rights-approved visuals to a gallery is more efficient than ever.

Now, as you’re adding visuals to a Gallery you can also request the rights to assets. That means you’ll be able to request rights and curate Galleries at the same time.

Want to know the best part? When the rights are approved, that visual is added to your Gallery automatically. You no longer need to remember to come back and add it — CrowdRiff will do it for you. You can have the confidence of knowing you're only leveraging rights-approved UGC, automatically.

You can request the rights to assets that need them as you add them to Galleries

Keep track of rights granted outside of CrowdRiff

Did you find an image in your library that isn't marked as rights-approved, but you know you have the rights to it? During Gallery curation, you can now also mark assets as being rights-approved from an external source. 

For example, if you have an agreement with a content creator, or got the rights to an asset via email, now you'll be able to manually mark it as rights-approved within CrowdRiff.

Adding permission notes to an asset that you got the rights to externally

Create self-updating Galleries

Do you have a Gallery in a high-traffic location, like your homepage? These Galleries are often the ones you want to pay special attention to keeping up-to-date with the most current, authentic content. 

Now you can add lots of new visuals to these Galleries at once and, as the rights begin to roll in over the coming days, your Gallery will automatically update. So, if a visitor sees your gallery multiple times, they’ll likely see new visuals without you needing to do any extra work.

Galleries will update themselves when rights are granted to visuals

See how efficient adding rights-approved visuals to a Gallery can be

These updates have already rolled out to your CrowdRiff account, so try adding assets to a Gallery today and see how easy it is to feel confident that you’re only leveraging rights-approved visuals. Have questions about the new workflow? Check out the CrowdRiff Knowledge Base to learn more.

Not yet a CrowdRiff customer? Book a walkthrough of the platform and we’d be happy to show you how easy it is to leverage rights-approved user-generated content for your marketing efforts.

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