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Announcing CrowdRiff Insights: Measure the Impact of Your Website Visuals

Visuals have become the most impactful type of content in the travel and tourism space. 

They’re how people make decisions every day about where to go, where to stay, what to experience, and what to buy—whether that’s choosing a destination, booking a tour, or picking a hotel. In fact, 55% of 18-65 year olds say they’ve booked a trip based on the posts they’ve seen on Instagram. 

Visual content is more than just a decorative element—it’s an integral part of how travelers make decisions and an essential component of any successful travel and tourism marketing strategy. 

The challenge: measuring the value of visuals 

If you’re like most marketers, you find it challenging to measure the impact of the visuals you use. 

How do you know if the photos and videos on your website are ultimately driving people to convert, improving the metrics you value, and making a difference in your marketing? 

These are the questions we’re working to help marketers answer with CrowdRiff Insights. 

A sneak peek of CrowdRiff Insights

CrowdRiff Insights lets you easily measure and report on how your website visuals drive revenue and overall website performance.

It’s an analytics dashboard that pulls key website performance metrics into a simple, easy-to-understand format. 

We’re working to help you directly connect your website visuals to the metrics that matter most to your business. 

Track, report, and optimize your website visuals

Now, when you’re wondering whether or not the image gallery on your Peru trip page made website visitors more likely to book a trip (for example), you can easily find that information with CrowdRiff Insights.  

In the CrowdRiff Insights dashboard, you’ll see: 

  • The impact CrowdRiff has on your website conversion rate and the amount of revenue generated from your website visitors.
  • The difference CrowdRiff galleries make to your website engagement performance metrics. 
  • Your top-performing assets, from most engaging to top converting.

With these insights, you can quantify how visuals impact your marketing performance, and share the results with your team.

The first complete visual marketing platform built for travel and hospitality brands

Hundreds of travel and hospitality brands already use CrowdRiff to source and securely get rights to the best user-generated content, from the smiling photos of families taking a whale watching tour to the GoPro video of a daring skydive.

With the addition of CrowdRiff Insights, marketers will be able to come full circle in understanding what these beautiful and authentic visuals really do for their business. 

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