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2021 Update: Single Image Embeds Get a New Look!

We love Galleries, as do most destination marketers, but sometimes, you want to put the spotlight on a single photo.

CrowdRiff makes this easy with our single embed feature - now with a slick new look! You can select an individual photo or video from your CrowdRiff collection and embed it into any web page in seconds.

4 things you’ll love about single image embeds:

  1. Instead of limiting the visuals on your site to Galleries featuring multiple images, single  embeds allow you to put the focus on just one, standout picture that can help you tell a story. 
  2. You can grab the embed code while you’re working in the CrowdRiff platform, rather than having to go to the social network and track it down.
  3. You can include your own commissioned or stock photos in your single embed, showcasing everything from the stunning waterfall shot by a pro photographer to the selfie you took with locals at a summer festival.
  4. You can caption your uploaded photo with your own editorial content - a great way to give credit to the photographer, influencer, or videographer you’re working with.

What’s changed?

We’ve refreshed the styling of the single embed to reflect a more modern look that can easily fit the style of any website. As you hover over the image on a site, a caption is viewable, along with extra information about the owner of the image. 

Plus, the single embeds have also been optimized for mobile, meaning your site will look its best no matter what device your visitors use. Additionally, we’ve ensured the designs meet the most up-to-date accessibility standards.

Single embed inspo from our customers

Visit Springfield has used the updated single embed feature to showcase their most ‘Instagrammable Spots’ around town. They successfully break up the UGC content on their site by using both Galleries and single images to highlight everything their locale has to offer.

Visit Fort Worth uses single image embeds to showcase murals around town, sharing the artists’ information with each image and where the artwork can be found.

Whistler Insider used the single embed feature to highlight how locals enjoyed Whistler during the lockdown, with stunning UGC imagery of deserted landscapes that would ordinarily be busy.

Inspired? Learn how to get the most out of single image embeds on your site by contacting our team for a free, personalized walkthrough, or get in touch with your CrowdRiff CSM!