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How Blue Mountain Resort Attracts Visitors Year-Round With CrowdRiff [Video]

Blue Mountain village in the summertime. View of village, hotels, and grassy hill.

While best known as the premier destination for ski and snowboarding in Ontario, Blue Mountain Resort attracts visitors year-round. They are Ontario’s largest four-seasons adventure resort, and have been a CrowdRiff customer for years.

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking a short trip up north to visit Julie Kaden, their eMarketing Specialist, and Dan Hughes, their Brand Marketing Manager to chat about how CrowdRiff helps them connect with their guests and grow their brand, through great visual marketing.

Here’s what they had to say:



How Blue Mountain Resort Finds Value from CrowdRiff

With CrowdRiff’s visual marketing platform, Julie and Dan are able to:

  • Access an enormous selection of visual social content to use for marketing campaigns
  • Give in-the-moment inspiration to visitors through slideshows of visitor photos on large digital screens all over the resort
  • Create UGC-driven visual galleries to use on the website, as well as microsites for specific campaigns
  • Develop personal relationships with guests, and cultivate a community of social brand ambassadors

Discover how Your Brand can Benefit from CrowdRiff

If you want to attract more visitors to your destination, CrowdRiff is the tool for you. Let’s set up some time, so that we can show you!

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Header image courtesy of GreenArcher04 from Flickr.