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3 New Ways Travel Destinations Can Gather Brand-Relevant Instagram Content

Three women scattered across a cobblestone sidestreet in a big city taking photos

As evidenced by its two million monthly advertisers, Instagram is growing as a marketing platform. Many of its recent releases and product updates have been geared towards metrics, ads, and shaping the relationship between businesses and individuals on the platform.

That’s what happens when over a billion people are using your app.

With each new development comes new opportunity for destination marketers to refine the way they’re using Instagram to gather content, engage their communities and grow their audiences.

But you don’t have time to pore over product release notes and read API documentation – you’re busy marketing your destination!

Luckily, as one of the only official Instagram Partners focused on travel and tourism, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few ways the latest Instagram updates can help you add brand-relevant content to your library and realize the hidden value of work you’re already doing.

1 | Make your @mentions and tags work for you

You know how when you log in to Instagram, there’s now a dedicated stream showing posts you were tagged in?



As a destination marketer, it’s pretty handy to be fed content that’s relevant to your brand – content you might’ve missed without someone collecting it for you. But how do you make that found gold work for you?

If you’re looking for mountain photos to bring a hiking campaign to life, how would you take advantage of all the potential campaign content in your tagged stream? Instagram’s in-app search is fairly limited, so you’d probably just end up scrolling until your thumb gets tired.

That’s hardly scalable.

That’s why CrowdRiff brings all that content into your library, so you can use our AI-powered search to find the perfect photos to entice hikers to start booking their accommodations and stuffing their daypacks.

All these photos reference @VisitTelluride by tagging it. Without @mention and tag tracking, Visit Telluride could easily miss out on this kind of relevant content.

We also bring in any posts you were @mentioned in, giving you a direct pipeline to relevant content from engaged users.

In addition to supplying content, tag and @mention tracking can help you discover new niches and subcultures, as well as generate content ideas.

This photo tags a bunch of dog-themed Instagram accounts, showing a potential new audience for Visit Telluride.


Why not write a blog post on all the best dog parks in the city to build on that momentum?

Having a handle on the conversations taking place in your community is a great way to grow your audience and deliver more resonant content.

2 | Give Stories life beyond 24 hours

With over 400 million Stories being posted daily, they’ve become a staple of the Instagram experience.

Knowing they’ll disappear in 24 hours is part of the fun, but it also means there’s tons of great content that’s getting locked in the vault before it’s really had a chance to deliver all its potential value.

15-25% of people swipe up on branded Stories, which is an incredible conversion rate. As a marketer, if you capture every delicious bite of a local food tour in an amazing Story, it can be tough to see all that work, and all those swipes largely dry up in 24 hours.

It takes five steps of digging just to see your archived Stories on Instagram, let alone get them off your phone and onto a platform where you can do anything with them.

Until now, that is.

CrowdRiff saves all your Stories in your library alongside the rest of your content, allowing you to repurpose them more easily to realize that untapped value.

We even run your Stories through our image recognition engine to add descriptive keywords to make them easy to find later.

3 | Turn your everyday browsing into sourcing

Think of how many great posts you see on Instagram in an average day. With over 100 million photos and videos being uploaded, it’s probably in the dozens, if not the hundreds. When you find one of these gems, what do you to with it?

Maybe you make a mental note of it, or start following the account that posted it, but how often do you actually end up doing something with it? Is it just a fleeting moment of inspiration?

It’s easy to overlook the potential value of collecting those photos and videos for later use. Of all the posts you see in a day, if you were to add just three of them to your content library each day, you’d be filling your coffers with 60 marketing-ready visuals every month – all as part of casual browsing you’d be doing anyway. That adds up fast.

We wanted to make it easy for you to wring that extra value from your daily browsing, so you can now right-click any post you find on and add it directly to your CrowdRiff library.




The best is yet to come

As an Instagram Partner, CrowdRiff is in direct communication with Instagram to learn about upcoming releases, communicate the changing needs of our customers and advocate for the travel and tourism community.

The header photo was taken by Michal Janek and found on Unsplash