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8 Examples of DMO Neighbourhood Pages

examples of DMO neighbourhood pages

Each corner of your destination has something unique to offer visitors. One neighbourhood might be a must-visit for history buffs, while another is where the locals go for good eats. As the expert within your destination, you know each neighbourhood , as well as what makes them special, but do your visitors?

Creating web pages for each of your destination’s neighbourhoods is an effective  way to appeal to each different type of traveler – the adventurers, the shoppers, and historians, pointing them to the areas of your destination that they’ll enjoy exploring the most.

It also gives you the opportunity to feature and promote as many of your local partners and vendors as possible, and provides your locals with a place to show visitors the must-sees that make their neighbourhood unique.

Many DMOs all over the world have created neighbourhood pages, but we’ve picked some of the best ones that do a particularly good job at creating informative, beautiful neighbourhood guides, breaking them up into three categories:

1| Neighbourhood pages that cater well to specific travelers

2| Neighbourhood pages that use local input

3| Neighbourhood pages that are visually beautiful, and well-designed

Let’s dive in!

Neighbourhood pages that cater to specific traveler interests

1| Destination DC

Destination DC makes it immediately clear which neighbourhood is for certain types of travelers. On the neighbourhood home page, each neighbourhood is described by 4 or 5 select adjectives that paint a picture of what can be found there. Downtown is “sophisticated, busy, historic, walkable and fashionable”, while Capitol Riverfront is “riverside, sports, outdoorsy, and lively”. Site visitors use these identifiers to click into the area that sounds most like what they’d want to do.

DMO neighbourhood page - georgetownDMO neighbourhood page - petworth

Once you click into a neighbourhood’s page, you get a bit of historical background, photos posted by visitors or locals, and links to blog articles with insider tips on the best places to eat, stay, and explore.

2| New Orleans

New Orleans is a vibrant city with a rich history as a melting pot of several unique cultures. This is reflected differently in each part of the city, so it’s important that visitors understand where they can experience the many flavors that the city offers.

 For each neighbourhood, New Orleans does a ranking graph that helps a site visitor gauge interest based on these five attributes: Stay, Eat, Drink, To Do, and Shop.

new orleans_DMO neighbourhood guide

These numbers are based on how many listings there are on the site for each category to give an idea of the best activities in each neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood subpages are filled with fun facts and listings, true to the number in the homepage rankings graph – you would seriously shop ‘til you drop if you tried to visit all 196 shopping listings that are featured on the French Quarter page alone!

The map on the neighbourhoods home page also deserves a special shoutout – it’s interactive and informative, with a summary of each neighbourhood’s highlights and rankings as you hover over it.

new orleans_DMO neighbourhood page_map

Neighbourhood pages based on locals’ input

3| Visit Saint Paul

Saint Paul, Minnesota has created a digital visitors guide that stands out as one of the best we’ve ever seen. Their Insider’s Guide exclusively features input from locals, and their best advice for things to do in the city. 

“A tourism board can tell you all they want about how great a city is, but that’s what their job is, that’s what they get paid for. It’s different when you’re hearing it from people who are choosing every day to be in that environment.”

 Caroline Ponessa, Social Media Coordinator,  Visit Saint Paul

To help share those voices, Visit Saint Paul began introducing an annual Insider’s Guide in 2015, which is the name of their visitor guide. The 80+ page guide is filled with advice provided by actual residents who are passionate about their city, as well as user-generated imagery featured alongside professional shots of Saint Paul.

saint paul DMO neighbourhood page

“We did some perception research to find out from people who had visited Saint Paul about the big draws here, and we found that it was a lot of family activities, sports, shopping, history and architecture,” said Ponessa. “To choose our insiders for this year we really based it off of that research, and found folks based on the story we were looking to tell, which we were clued into by the different surveys we did”

In the guide, insiders are featured next to the subjects they compliment best. Each insider feature is shown with a photo of the local expert(s), with a description of who they are as well as four recommendations to make the most of the city.

There are CTAs to download the guide all over the DMO’s website to make sure that everyone who visits Saint Paul lives like a local!

4| Visit Helsinki

Just like the people who live there, Helsinki’s approach to destination marketing is really unique and thoughtful – the DMO works exclusively with locals on their content. Their neighbourhood guides each start off with a quote from a local talking about the area, and why it’s special to them.

visit helsinki_neighbourhood page_local quote

There’s also a carousel on each page with recommendations for food, attractions and activities. These suggestions feel authentic and trustworthy because of the emphasis on local input and history across the entire site.

5| Hong Kong

The star of this beautiful page, made by South China Morning Post in partnership with Hong Kong Tourism Board, is the cute interactive map at the top, but that’s not to take away from the fact that the content on the rest of the page is fueled by locals.

visit hong kong_DMO neighbourhood page_map

The title of this piece is Local Vision: Life in Hong Kong as the City’s Residents See it. The page invites visitors to explore the gallery of images that capture the spirit of Hong Kong, and experience another side of the city.

Each section includes stunning photos, many of which are taken by locals, as well as maps that link out to Google Maps to help with trip planning, and a small explanation of historical significance.

Neighbourhood Pages that are beautifully designed

6| Visit Berlin

One thing that could be said about Visit Berlin’s neighbourhood pages is that they are extremely comprehensive – including anything and everything needed to experience Berlin like a local! They even invite visitors to download their “Going Local Berlin” app to help craft their perfect experience in the city.

What also makes it noteworthy is how visually appealing the pages are. They’re well-designed, interactive, and full of stunning images that reflect how unique and special each area of the city is. Each neighbourhood seems to have its own artistic scheme, right down to hues and photo moods that are reflected on the pages.

7| Visit Copenhagen

Pictures really are worth a thousand words, and Copenhagen does a fantastic job at supporting their written content with visuals. Visit Copenhagen’s blog has great neighbourhood content full of striking visuals that paint a picture of what makes each area of the city unique.  

Instead of the titles of these pages being neighbourhood first, they are attraction first: “Multicultural, architectural, or family friendly” are titles that are used to attract their readers to the right neighbourhoods, and there is always a strong supporting visual to show visitors what that differentiating factor is from a first glance.

At the bottom of the pages, there is a “Copenhagen Instagrammed” section that shows off some of the photos that are being posted in the city using their hashtag #visitcopenhagen. Photos of beautiful sunsets, delicious tacos, and unique architecture help paint a picture of the variety of things to do in Copenhagen through the lens of visitors and locals.

8| Visit Dallas

Video is a powerful medium that, when done right, is engaging and effective at showing off many parts of your destination. Visit Dallas made an “Experience Dallas” video series that has a clip for each of its neighbourhoods that summarizes what there is to do, and spotlights a few restaurants, and venues.

Visit Dallas’ neighbourhoods page is unique because visitors can find all of the information on one page instead of having to click back and forth through a neighbourhoods home page that links out subpages. The videos keep site visitors engaged, and presents the information in a digestible format.

Visit Dallas also makes great use of UGC photos on the neighbourhoods page to showcase what visitors are doing during their stay.

Show off every corner of your destination with neighbourhood pages

Each type of traveler has a different checklist for their destinations of choice. Give every one of them a reason to visit by showcasing the different areas that they may enjoy, narrated by locals and supported with beautiful visuals. Even the biggest destinations can feel small and inviting with neighbourhood guides!

Header image credit: @ry_jax

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