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How to Easily Find On-Brand User-Generated Content from Social Media with CrowdRiff

how to easily find on-brand user-generated content

On Instagram alone, there are 95 million posts a day.

For the modern tourism marketer, needless to say, it can be a major challenge trying to sift through the noise to find all the travel UGC you and your audience care about.

This is exactly the reason over 800 brands in travel and tourism use CrowdRiff to discover on-brand UGC for travel marketing. Here’s how CrowdRiff helps you find the best content for your brand.

1 | Source a library of visual content exclusive to your destination

CrowdRiff has a variety of ways to source content into your library. You can identify multiple hashtags to track – every time someone posts a photo or video with that hashtag, CrowdRiff will bring it into your library. That means that at a glance you can see user-generated content from a variety of sources.

For example, Tourism Toronto tracks general Toronto hashtags like:

But they also track:

  • #FNLROM, the official hashtag for the weekly event at the Royal Ontario Museum, one of Toronto’s most popular museums 
  • #liciousTO, the hashtag for Toronto’s Winterlicious and Summerlicious dining series
  • #letsgototheex, the hashtag for Toronto’s biggest summertime festival, the Canadian National Exhibition

Additionally, you can choose to exclude certain hashtags so that CrowdRiff does not source those images into your library. This could be hashtags like #gymselfie, #meme, or #ad.

When Tourism Toronto opens their CrowdRiff library, all the content they see is on-brand. Now when the team searches something like “brunch,” in CrowdRiff they only find brunch imagery from Toronto.

2 | Find exactly what you’re looking for with every search

Let’s say you’re creating an Instagram Stories ad to show off your destination’s best burgers, and are hoping to find vertical videos to stitch together.

Within CrowdRiff, you can get very granular with your search parameters. That means beyond searching “burger video” (and then painstakingly scanning the results for those that show up vertically), you can simply search “burger” and check off a box for vertical videos in CrowdRiff with just the click of a button.

What’s more, if you didn’t want to use any videos that also featured, say, salads in your videos, you could also exclude the term “salad” in your search. Therefore, all the vertical videos that showed up would be salad-free!

CrowdRiff also allows you to search by:

  • Resolution
  • Date created (if you wanted to find a burger from last year, for example)
  • Number of social likes
  • Quality score
  • And a variety of other factors

What’s more, CrowdRiff’s AI-powered search understands synonyms and stemming (hike = hiked, hikes, hiking, etc.) as well, to help surface all the content that matches your search intent.

3 | Surface similar visuals with the click of a button

A lot of the time in your job it’s not enough to find just one great photo. Ever found yourself in situations like these?

  • Your marketing director wants a photo of a Miniature Golden Retriever… in a park… at sunset… and needs 10 options to choose from.
  • You’ve been using the same few photos in your web ads, blog posts and promo materials for months because you can’t find replacements that capture the same feeling.
  • You’re asked to provide 5 Christmas tree photos for an impromptu holiday Facebook carousel ad… within the next hour.

It can take hours to find one photo that perfectly captures a mood or a moment, so what happens if you have to come up with a whole bunch of them?

In CrowdRiff, this is exactly why we created the similar photo finder,  which takes the visuals you love and scours your library for others like them.

So when you need 5 photos for a holiday-themed Facebook ad campaign, all you have to do is find one fantastic Christmas tree photo – then with one click, CrowdRiff finds the rest.

4 | Get content recommendations based on visuals you tend to use most

When you get new UGC sourced into your library every day, there are endless options to choose from.

But that also means that when you’re browsing and exploring the new photos that come in, you may scroll through a lot of noise before you find an image you want to get the rights to.

To make it easier for brands to find on-brand UGC for their travel marketing efforts, CrowdRiff makes content recommendations.


Using AI, CrowdRiff learns what kinds of photos your team likes and provides personalized recommendations. By focusing on what your team chooses to use in website galleries, albums shared with media partners and other visual marketing initiatives, we develop an understanding of your visual brand and get to work finding your next standout photo.

So if your destination is famous for, say, beignets, the next time you’re updating your restaurants gallery, CrowdRiff will know to show you more pictures of those sweet treats from the get-go.

5 | Smart curation immediately shows you your best UGC for travel marketing

In addition to showing you assets CrowdRiff has learned you veer toward, by processing millions of travel visuals in the past few years, we’ve built an engine that has learned what effective UGC for travel really is.

When you’re trying to decide between two photos of a hiker to feature as your “Photo of the Week!” on social media, do you know which one is going to get more engagement?

Instead of guessing, here’s where CrowdRiff’s AI comes in. CrowdRiff uses AI to grade each photo or video in your library so you can make better content choices.

Or if you’re not directly comparing photos, you can simply click a button, and CrowdRiff will filter out your library so you’re only seeing the top-graded photos.

This makes selecting click-worthy travel UGC, social media visuals, and website imagery a breeze.

Find on-brand UGC to elevate your travel marketing

There is so much great authentic content available to you – it’s just a matter of making the process of finding it simple and easy.

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