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A New Vision for CrowdRiff, A New Era for DMOs

As destination marketing becomes more competitive, standing out from the crowd requires not just a unique selling proposition but also the power to showcase it authentically. At CrowdRiff, we understand this need and have made it our mission to offer innovative solutions that make this possible. Today, we’re excited to unveil our brand refresh and accompanying campaign, “Showcase it”.

New Vision, Same Commitment to DMOs

Our newly launched campaign is not just a branding exercise, it’s a representation of our redefined vision for CrowdRiff. We’re opening doors for destination marketers to source, share, and scale authentic visuals that transform their marketing strategies. While this marks an evolution for CrowdRiff, it underscores our lasting commitment to making destination marketing more effective, user-friendly, and visually stunning than ever before.

At the core of this evolution is our array of distinct solutions. CrowdRiff’s CEO and Co-founder Dan Holowack explains, “Our Creators and UGC solutions, in harmony with DAM and Studio, provide an all-in-one visual marketing platform for destination marketers. It offers the power to showcase their destinations in a truly compelling and authentic way.”

Welcoming Local Creators

As part of our evolution, we’re excited to unveil our newest solution purpose-built for destination marketing: CrowdRiff Creators. On the new Creators platform, we connect DMOs to local creators in their area, fostering a community of content producers who provide unique, location-specific content. This gives destination marketers access to a constant stream of original short-form video and photos that can be used to enrich all of their marketing channels. 

“Showcase It” Campaign

Our brand campaign, “Showcase it,” explores how four DMOs use CrowdRiff’s visual content solutions to not just show their unique destination, but showcase it. We introduce you to the busy teams behind Destination Cleveland, Discover Surrey, Visit Upper Peninsula, and Louisiana Tourism to explore their distinct approaches to destination marketing. Each DMO uses CrowdRiff’s array of solutions to source, share, and scale photos and short-form video across marketing channels. This behind-the-scenes look shows how any destination marketing team can turn to CrowdRiff’s all-in-one visual marketing solution to support their visual marketing strategy.

Destination Cleveland

Discover Surrey

Visit Upper Peninsula

Louisiana Tourism

A Fresh New Look for CrowdRiff

Our solutions aren’t the only thing getting a refresh. We’re unveiling a refreshed brand identity as well. This new look preserves the core of the original CrowdRiff brand while reflecting the evolution of how destination marketers source, share, and scale authentic content. With an expanded color palette, an innovative typographic system, and a focus on captivating motion graphics, our visual identity honors the creative spirit of the destination marketing community, keeping them at the core of our brand evolution.

Our Promise to Destination Marketers

As we usher in this new era, our commitment to making destination marketing more effective, user-friendly, and visually stunning remains unwavering. Our new brand refresh reaffirms our dedication to empowering destination marketers with innovative tools and solutions that help them create captivating, authentic narratives of their destinations.

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