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19 Essential Resort and Hotel News Resources

18 Essential Resort and Hotel News Resources

Sipping a cocktail by a plunge pool, eating locally-sourced ingredients, taking a spa day—you'd think resorts and hotels would sell themselves. Sometimes, though, prospective travelers just need a little more convincing. 

As a marketer, it's your job to pay attention to the latest industry trends, so you can create campaigns that build brand awareness and boost bookings. That's why we put together this list of online publications, email newsletters, blogs and more—to help you stay ahead of the curve and keep improving your skills.

Here's a selection of industry resources for marketers like you who want to target more travelers. 

News Publications and Industry Blogs

1 | Skift's Hotel News Section

The latest insights from the hospitality industry in one place, including original stories and investigative journalism. As one of the most comprehensive sources of coverage for resort and hotel marketers, you definitely want to add Skift to your weekly reading list. 

Their paid research reports also offer deep analysis and expert opinions on trends that shape the future of travel and hospitality. 

Recommended reading: Tech Expands Hotel Guest Engagement Beyond Loyalty Programs: New Skift Research

2 | PhocusWire

Another excellent resource for the inquisitive travel marketer, PhocusWire is loaded with the latest tourism news, as well as deep dives into the world of hospitality marketing.

While they don't have a specific section for resort or hotel marketers, a good deal of their coverage looks at distribution, online trends, and general technology news. You can also use the search bar to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Add this one to your bookmarks and stay one step ahead of your competitors. 

Recommended reading: Airbnb and hotel distribution – (almost) one year in

3 | Hotel Tech Report

In such a fast-paced digital environment, how can entrepreneurial hoteliers keep up? HotelTechReport helps connect brands with tech tools to solve their problems and grow their business. They also offer educational content on topics such as marketing, revenue management, operations, the guest experience and more. If you're a fan of their content, also consider checking out their podcast.

Recommended reading: Sonder is Not a Tech Company (Just Ask WeWork)

4 | Sojern Industry Reports

Did you know that Facebook and Instagram are better for travel branding than paid search, video, and mobile? This is just one of the insights from Sojern’s 2019 Report on Hotel Advertising—a must-read for any hospitality marketer. These trends will help you see how you stack up against other brands. 

Keep a close eye on Sojern for their well-researched (and free) reports, blogs and webinars.

Recommended reading: Key Trends Uncovered in Sojern’s 2019 Report on Hotel Advertising

5 | Boutique Hotel News

If you're a specialty resort or independent hotel, this news source is for you. Through blogs, newsletters, videos and more, it covers the unique challenges of this small but booming sector. 

Recommended reading: How to market a boutique hotel more effectively on social media

6 | Hospitality Net

Daily news, views, and reviews from the industry's biggest influencers, with insights both globally and locally. Regionalize your homepage for stories closer to home. 

The website also offers a nice roundup of industry events, webinars and ongoing opportunities for professional development. 

Recommended reading: A Measured Approach to Influencer Marketing for Hospitality Brands

7 | Hotel-Online

Hospitality tidbits from the sector's biggest movers and shakers in the B2B space. Find out about the latest tech, operations, and industry happenings that are influencing resort and hotel marketing strategies right now.

Not a huge player in the industry just yet? Don't worry—they also have a section dedicated specifically to independent hoteliers.

Recommended reading: The Hotel Services Americans Think Will Be Made Easier Through Technology

8 | Hospitality Upgrade

The latest hospitality news and trends that will drive your marketing campaigns forward. With an emphasis on tech, HU keeps one ear to the ground at all times so you can concentrate on improving engagement, conversions and getting more heads in beds.

Recommended reading: 2019 Hospitality CIO Survey Results

9 | Hospitality Technology

Hospitality Technology runs the gamut from tech insights to showcasing the industry's must-attend events. If you want to optimize operations in your resort, hotel or restaurant, this is the place to learn more. 

Recommended reading: The California Consumer Privacy Act & Its Implications for Hospitality

10 | Hotel Business

Hospitality operations, tech, ownership, design—you'll find insights on all of these topics and more over at Hotel Business. 

Recommended reading: Let’s Make a Deal: A Look at Recent Hotel Sales

11 | Hotel Technology News

Whether it's point-of-sale (POS) or online bookings, the latest technology can maximize your marketing campaigns and generate a hefty ROI. Find out how to use the right software and systems over at Hotel Technology News. 

Recommended reading: Artificial Intelligence and the Hotel Guest Experience

12 | Travolution's Accommodation Section

Big interviews, company profiles, in-depth reports—if you're interested in the latest travel marketing trends, Travolution has you covered. As a hospitality marketer, pay close attention to the sections on accommodation or marketing. 

Recommended reading: How to keep your website fresh and not go the way of the dinosaurs

13 | Hotel News Now

News and opinion about hotel performance and management in the United States and abroad, with a daily "5 Things to Know" round-up of hospitality trends.

Recommended reading: A look at data trends of poor-performing hotels

14 | Lodging Magazine

The official online publication of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), updated daily. News, views, surveys, you'll find it all here.

Recommended reading: Six Questions for Leaders in Hotel Management

15 | Hotel Marketing

Your daily digest of hotel marketing news delivered directly to your email inbox. Subscribe to their newsletter for click-worthy content from around the web. 


16 | Lodging Leaders podcast

The podcast that covers all things hotel management. Every week, host Jon Albano talks to "lodging leaders"—hoteliers, entrepreneurs, and industry suppliers who spill their secrets on-air.

Recommended listen: Disruptive Innovator: Measuring Airbnb’s impact (Part 1)

17 | Marriott’s Behind the Design

This podcast dives into the design trademarks that make Marriott a global hotel brand. Featuring interviews with designers and artists who add a splash of creative flair to Marriott's thousands of hotel rooms worldwide.

Recommended listen: The Art of Hospitality

18 | InterContinental Stories

Yes, InterContinental has its very own podcast, and it's well worth a listen. Each episode explores travel and tourism in a different location. 

Recommended listen: Cartagena from Three Perspectives 

19 | Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

Stuart Butler presides over this weekly podcast, which takes on the latest industry news and trends. If you want to improve your hotel marketing operations, this is the podcast for you! 

Recommended listen: You’ll Be Shocked By These Insights From The 2019 Leisure Travel Study

[Editor's Note: Do you have any resources you think we should add to this list? Email us at marketing@crowdriff.com.]

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