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How VisitDenmark Uses UGC & CrowdRiff to Tell Their Story With Visuals

Often visited in combination with its Scandinavian neighbors, Denmark has sought to carve out a unique identity for itself on the world stage. Its laid-back culture, unique everyday wonders, and major attractions like the Tivoli Gardens set the country apart from its mountainous neighbors. 

With a relatively modest budget, the team at VisitDenmark is tasked with growing the Denmark brand and increasing the desire of international tourists to visit this small, royal island nation. 

Much of VisitDenmark’s funding comes from strategic partnerships; meaning much of the destination marketing organization’s resources are dedicated to specific campaigns and initiatives. As a result, freeing up funding and resources for everyday, always-on content can be a challenge for the DMO’s digital marketing team. 

While relaunching their website, VisitDenmark signed up with CrowdRiff to help with their content needs

While in the process of launching a new website, VisitDenmark took the opportunity to sign up with CrowdRiff in an effort to better source visual content for their website and social channels. 

“CrowdRiff has helped massively as we turn more and more to user-generated storytelling,” said Donna Sandahl Sørensen, VisitDenmark’s Senior Content Manager.

“We now have quick and easy access to the best visual content creators in Denmark, as well as visitors from around the world sharing their real experiences in pictures, and are integrating them more in all our work. We’re now up-scaling our efforts to ensure that UGC is fully integrated into our future campaigns as well as always-on.”

A CrowdRiff gallery on the new VisitDenmark website.

Though they only recently relaunched their website, Sandahl Sørensen says that CrowdRiff has already proven successful. “We’re definitely happy with our performance since launch, particularly in terms of bounce rate and time on site, and CrowdRiff has undoubtedly been a big part of that,” she says. 

CrowdRiff has helped decrease the amount of time spent sourcing and working with visuals

“It’s so much easier to work with our visual resources on our websites after we integrated CrowdRiff,” says Sandahl Sørensen. She adds that CrowdRiff’s “simple interface” works seamlessly with VisitDenmark’s content management platform, Drupal, and its social media channels. 

CrowdRiff’s search has also come in handy, as it allows the organization to easily find images and videos by filtering social media content. “It’s fun to find new ways to look at your own destination,” said Sandahl Sørensen. “We feel connected with visual storytellers and the way they are telling Denmark's stories in a way that we couldn’t before.”

VisitDenmark reposts the photos they source in CrowdRiff to their social channels. 

She adds that the time-savings CrowdRiff provides have been vital. “One thing we can say for certain is that the time we spend sourcing and particularly preparing images for our platforms has decreased massively, and in an organization without unlimited resources, that is gold!” she says. 

Looking to the future: supporting local destinations and building a memorable online experience 

In the future, Sandahl Sørensen says one of VisitDenmark’s top priorities is incorporating more content from local destinations into the country’s communal storytelling. “No doubt CrowdRiff will be a key in this on the visual side,” she adds. 

Overall, however, the organization wants to provide a memorable and enjoyable online experience. The new website and CrowdRiff are just the beginning, says Sandahl Sørensen, explaining that VisitDenmark will be rolling out a new brand in the coming year: “The Land of Everyday Wonder.” 

“We’re excited to see how people like it,” she said. “CrowdRiff is helping us communicate our wonders, and we’re glad they’ve got our backs!”