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Stockton is a lively city in interior California, known for its agrarian economy and culture. Led by CEO Wes Rhea, Visit Stockton is the official destination marketing organization responsible for providing visitors with resources for local hotels, dining, activities, and more.

Key Benefits.

  • Sourcing 2000-3000 new visuals every week
  • Increasing website engagement and time on site
  • Getting rights to authentic visuals at scale to use offline

Size of marketing team.


Choosing CrowdRiff.

Wes learned about CrowdRiff after a presentation by our CEO Dan at the eTourism Summit. Stockton, California is lucky enough to be a hotspot for social media activity -- but the VisitStockton team hadn’t quite found a way to harness the thousands of images that were being shared each day.

CrowdRiff offered a platform that both brought that all activity into one hub, and made it easy to curate and share the best visitor-created photos. Visit Stockton was eager to start integrating UGC photos into their website and ads, as the marketing team knew it was time for a refresh (they’d used the same header image for about 2 years). CrowdRiff was the most powerful, easy-to-use platform they’d seen - and Wes calls aligning with it “a no-brainer”.

Now, Visit Stockton is using UGC all over their site, as the photos are real, diverse, and unstaged. Curating UGC has also revealed what tourists in Stockton enjoyed most about the destination, instead of what the Visit Stockton team felt they should showcase.

Stockton's Visual Marketing: Simplified.

With more than 2,000 images being tagged locally each week, they no longer have to commission photographers every time they want new photos. CrowdRiff makes it quick and easy for Visit Stockton’s marketing team to source new photos, using multi-keywords, geolocation, and tags.

Having these images easily accessible also gives the team a window into what’s happeningin town/over the weekend that they might not know about.

There’s so much going on you find little nuggets of things that are happening in town, new public art, new murals, new stuff happening… you can have your finger on the pulse of what’s going on.


CrowdRiff also saves search time on social media. Now, instead of manually scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, CrowdRiff’s search function makes it a breeze for Visit Stockton to search for the exact photos they’re looking for in seconds.

Through CrowdRiff, Visit Stockton can choose multiple photos at once, and request rights to them clearly and concisely. Once a user gives consent, the image automatically becomes available in the platform.

Wes and the team also love how easy it is to request permission to use photos – something that would have been near-impossible to execute on their own (as they would have had to spend hours going through each individual photo, and communicating with each user).

“Not only do we have the ability to use these photos on our website, we have the ability to put them in print, after getting permission to them.”

When a web visitor hovers over an image, this call-to-action pops up directing them to where they get more information.

CrowdRiff gave Visit Stockton the ability to add unique content to their site, sourced directly from real visitors and locals, without worrying about buying photos or hiring someone. This has offered a new level of authenticity to their visuals – one that site visitors have been happy to see. Visitors can engage with each of the user-generated photos on the Visit Stockton site, to discover who the original poster was, learn more about the location, and dive deeper into the Stockton experience via the galleries.