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Over 50 Updates to CrowdRiff Galleries Help Put Authentic UGC Front and Center

Over 50 updates to CrowdRiff Galleries

Putting authentic visuals front and center to engage visitors is a core part of a modern website strategy.  Visitors to your website want to see recent content that showcases your real destination and CrowdRiff Galleries are an easy way to leverage UGC to do just that. 

Since Galleries are such an important part of a DMO’s website, we’ve spent some time rethinking how they’re created, how they look on your website, and how a visitor interacts with them.

We’ve recently published over 50 updates to CrowdRiff Galleries to make them easier to create, more accessible, more user-friendly, and frankly more visually appealing. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the more notable changes.

Gallery Previews

While designing a Gallery, it is important to understand exactly how all the elements will come together. How will the visuals, captions, CTAs, locations, and layouts you’ve chosen work to create a compelling experience? 

Interactive Previews

The new Preview when you're creating a Gallery is now interactive

When you’re creating a Gallery the previews are now interactive, meaning you can see exactly how your Gallery will look and how a visitor will be able to interact with it when you add it to your website. Plus, as you change the layout styles, the preview will show you how those changes will look in real-time.

Goodbye Placeholder Text

In some instances, we weren’t able to display your actual CTA or caption copy in Gallery previews. With these updates, you’ll now be able to see the custom CTA and caption copy that you’ve specified for your visuals in the preview.

Gallery Viewing Experience

While your Galleries need to look visually appealing on your website, your visitor’s experience interacting with the Gallery is just as important. 

Visual-Focused Galleries

A number of tweaks have been made to how Galleries display on your website. Some key changes include adjusting the placement of the play button on videos to better highlight the visuals themselves and moving the author’s name to the top left of the asset.

More Actionable Hover States

Improved hover states in Galleries

The hover state for Galleries has been significantly improved, with an eye to making them more actionable for your visitors without sacrificing visual appeal. Now, on hover, captions will be displayed cleanly without blocking out the image and CTAs have been made more prominent at the bottom of the visual.

CrowdRiff Tip: Make sure you add captions to your visuals. This lets you provide additional context to your visitors and helps to drive action!

Visual-First Asset View

Visual Focused View of a Gallery Image

This view is ideal when you want to let your visuals speak for themselves, so we tweaked it to make sure your visitors get the full impact of each asset they click on. We’ve removed some of the extra clutter to drive home the power of the images or videos. 

Action-Oriented Detailed Asset View

Action Oriented View of a Gallery Image

When a visitor clicks on an asset, this view has been updated to make the visual stand out, while also highlighting the important contextual information. CTAs have been made slightly more accessible and Google location data is easier to read.

CrowdRiff Tip: Take advantage of Google locations. By simply adding the location of the visual, Google will automatically add an address, operating hours, contact information, and pricing. Plus, the info stays up-to-date automatically, without you needing to do a thing.


The best websites are those that can be successfully navigated and consumed by everyone. We’ve introduced a number of accessibility improvements to make sure that your Galleries are welcoming and provide compelling content to all of your visitors.

Clearer Alt Text:

Alt text is used by screen readers to explain what is on a page to those with visual impairments. We used to pull in the image caption, but that often lacked context, and visitors wouldn’t always know they were even consuming an image. We’ve updated the alt tags to be more descriptive and set the context - they will now read as “Photo by user {username}, caption reads: {image description}

Better Contrast:

Better Contrast Across Galleries

Ensuring there is a high degree of contrast between elements on your website is important - people of varying visual ability need to be able to tell the difference between what is text, what is a button or link, and what is a background or image. We’ve tweaked all our buttons and links to ensure that in all situations they meet WCAG AA contrast guidelines.

Mobile Experience

On average about half of web traffic comes from a mobile device, so it’s paramount to ensure that your website shines, regardless of what device is used to visit it. With that in mind, we made just as many tweaks to the mobile Gallery experience.

Better Mobile Navigation

Most of us are familiar with the frustration of trying to tap on something on our phone and accidentally pressing the wrong button. We’ve improved many of the tappable elements to be easier to tap from a mobile device, making navigating between visuals and accessing additional information easier.

Mobile-Friendly Asset View

When a visitor taps on one of the visuals in your Gallery, they’ll be taken to a more mobile-friendly asset view. This has been significantly improved to better highlight both the visual and the contextual information a visitor needs.

WHEW! There were a lot of updates! These changes will make showcasing your destination using authentic UGC easier than ever and will help give your website visitors the key information they need.

Want to learn how you can take advantage of these improvements on your own website? Let us know - we’d love to give you a demo of how CrowdRiff could help support your destination.

You can also check out some of our customer stories to see how members of the CrowdRiff community have taken advantage of CrowdRiff Galleries (among other things) to support their visual storytelling.