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3 Ways CrowdRiff’s DAM Makes It Easier to Manage Your Visuals

As a travel and tourism marketer, chances are, you have thousands of photos and videos in your content library. 

Between UGC and branded assets, you have a ton of high-quality visuals for your marketing. How you store that content is just as important as how you use it. 

That’s where a digital asset manager (DAM) comes in. The functionality of your DAM should allow you to store your complete content library and find, use, and share that content easily. 

Alongside CrowdRiff’s ability to source, publish, and optimize visual content, it’s also a digital asset manager. Built for the way marketers work with visuals today, CrowdRiff’s AI-powered DAM has intuitive features that make it simple and easy to work with your photos and videos. 

Here are 3 key features of CrowdRiff’s DAM. 

1| Keep owned and user-generated content together 

Simply put, storing all of your visuals together makes your life easier and lets you do your job faster. 

From social content to website imagery, you probably use a mix of both user-generated content and owned visuals (i.e. commissioned or stock photography or videography). Both are essential to a modern, successful marketing strategy.

The gallery above uses a mix of both UGC and owned assets, and was created in seconds using CrowdRiff.

Imagine you have photos stored in your UGC platform, various Dropbox folders, or multiple hard drives. What’s the likelihood you’re actually going to search through each of these to find the perfect image?

Keeping everything together makes it easier to get to the best visual most suited for the job you’re doing, rather than just using what’s most easily accessible in that moment.  

CrowdRiff stores all of your photos and videos—whether UGC or branded—in one place, so you can easily access them. Gone are the days of multiple folders with names you can’t remember. With every visual in the same place, it’s quick and easy for you to find what you need for your marketing campaigns.  

2| Quickly get to the content you need with automatic keywords and intelligent search

With so many visuals in your library, it can be easy to lose track of everything you have. That’s why it’s so important to add keywords to every photo and video you have (not to mention, it makes searching your library way easier). 

CrowdRiff’s DAM uses image recognition to tag each of your visuals with relevant and searchable keywords as soon as they enter the platform. Think about how time consuming it would be to manually add multiple keywords to every visual yourself. It would take hours, meaning you may not be as thorough as you’d like with every asset. 

CrowdRiff does that work for you. From social images to branded photography to b-roll, every asset you have is catalogued for you. 


Plus, searching your DAM is as easy as doing a Google search. You can save time finding the visual you need with CrowdRiff’s intuitive Intelligent Search. With features like stemming (i.e. “hike” will return “hiking”, “hiked”, “hiker”, etc.) you always find what you need, even if it’s not exactly what you typed.  

3| Share with external partners, media, or team members 

Beyond storage and accessibility, a great DAM makes it easy to share your photos and videos, whether that’s with meeting planners, influencers, or your PR team. 

With CrowdRiff’s DAM, collaboration is simple and straightforward, and you can quickly find and share the right visuals that best showcase your brand. 

CrowdRiff creates a shareable link to a photo, video or album in seconds. Anyone with that link can either download the assets or embed them, and they can also easily search the album to find the image or video they need.


Whether you’re sharing a single photo of your resort’s property, or an entire album of drone footage, it’s always a seamless experience for your partners.

A modern DAM built for the travel and tourism industry

In the age of visual marketing, where visuals are one of (if not the) most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy, you need a solid solution for storing and accessing your imagery.

CrowdRiff's DAM has the features modern marketers need to spend less time searching for their visual content, and more time using it.