5 Ways Hotels Are Using CrowdRiff To Inspire Direct Bookings

Whether you are a large hotel chain or a small boutique hotel, we know you are competing to get the attention of travellers, generate more direct bookings and foster loyalty. At the same time, travellers are posting photos of their hotel visits and travel experiences, turning to each other for information on where to stay.

CrowdRiff is a great tool for hotels to inspire direct bookings and establish themselves as an authority of the destination they stand in. Here are some ways that visual influence leaders in the hotel industry are using CrowdRiff on their websites.

1 | Customized Website Headers

Stand out from the competition and impress page visitors with headers made up of user generated content. This will help increase users’ time on site and facilitate more direct bookings as your site’s visitors emotionally connect with the photos.

St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino’s Events and Offers page captures the attention of site explorers right away with photos of old cars, food, live music and various other activities that the resort has to offer.


2 | Unique Attraction Pages

In addition to the homepage, there are certain pages on your website that exhibit your unique value proposition and generate the most interest. Use user generated photos to show off what is special about your hotel and let your customers prove its worth.

Hotel Penn is dog-friendly and has a page dedicated to showing off how much the hotel is loved by visitors and their furry friends. The adorable photos of puppy playdates at the hotel on this page are sure to thrill any dog owning visitors who struggle to travel with their pets.


3 | Event Inspiration

Does your hotel host beautiful weddings, anniversary parties or conferences? Show site visitors what other guests have done with your venue to help generate inspiration for their own events.

St. Eugene set up a gallery on their weddings page that shows examples of reception set up, food dishes and stunning spots on hotel property for wedding photos.


4 | Demonstrating Brand Personality

Most hotel websites look the same, making it hard to help your visitors understand what kind of unique experience they would have at your hotel. Bring your hotel to life by showing more than standard pictures of empty bedrooms and patios.

The Carlsbad Beach Hilton Garden Inn’s homepage does a fantastic job embodying the hotel’s family friendly ambiance. There are authentic photos of families playing at LEGOLAND, hanging out at the beach and mini-putting that would make a visitor excited to bring their kids to the hotel.


5 | Dynamic Gallery Pages

Posting new pictures of hotel updates, renovations or events can be timely and expensive if you have to hire a photographer and manually update the site every time. Give returning page visitors something new to look at so your website isn’t so static and predictable.


Pro Tip: Make your gallery page even more specialized with a randomized gallery that changes photos every time you refresh the page. Ask us how!

Travellers love to share photos, and accommodation is an important part of their trip and the visual stories that they tell with their cameras. Take advantage of the abundance of content your hotel’s visitors are sharing to enhance your website and provide visitors with image-powered reviews from other travellers. A picture speaks a thousand words, so let it speak your praise!

We’re here to help bring your hotel’s website to life and inspire bookings. Get in touch or request a demo to learn more about how you can command the attention of travellers and authorize yourself as the place to stay in your destination.

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