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Short-Form Video Editing Tips for Destination Marketers

A Step-by-step guide to editing short-form videos with viral potential

Editing short-form video isn’t the easy breezy process it’s made out to be. Managing clips, switching between programs, platforms, and devices, not to mention coming up with a shareable, likable, saveable story. Then there’s the actual act of editing: your eyes are blurry, your fingers are twitching, and you’ve listened to the same six seconds of an audio track so many times it has permanently altered your brain chemistry. It doesn’t have to be like this!

This guide covers all the ingredients of a viral short-form video edit, including unskippable hooks, snappy transitions, trending music, and accessible (and searchable!) captions. 

Download this eBook to:

  • Learn the foundational elements of a well-crafted short-form video
  • Uncover editing tips and tricks to streamline your video production 
  • Kick-start your idea library with practical themes and formats to try 
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