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Introducing Sidekick: Easily Add and Access Visuals From Anywhere

Every great hero has a sidekick - Batman had Robin, Han Solo had Chewie, Ted Lasso has Coach Beard. And now, every destination marketer gets one too - introducing the CrowdRiff Google Chrome Extension Sidekick.

Sidekick is an extension developed by CrowdRiff that you add to your Google Chrome browser. With Sidekick, you can easily add any photo you find on Instagram directly to your CrowdRiff account. Plus, it also allows you to access your library of visuals anywhere so you can easily use UGC wherever you are.

A screenshot of someone right-clicking on an Instagram image and saving it to their CrowdRiff account

Adding Images To Your CrowdRiff Library

With CrowdRiff it is easy to find compelling user-generated content - you can track hashtags that are popular with visitors and locals, you can use Connect to pull in content from your partners, and you can source images directly from your audience with Collector. But sometimes you’ll be scrolling through Instagram and find that perfect shot to use on your website that wasn’t captured through any of those methods.

If you have Sidekick installed all you have to do is right-click the image and click “Save to CrowdRiff.” This ensures that you’ll never miss that perfect Gallery addition just because the author didn’t use a specific hashtag. And, as a bonus, now you can justifiably say scrolling through Instagram actually is you working. 

A screenshot of the CrowdRiff platform highlighting that images sourced from Sidekick will be removed after seven days unless they get Hashtag Rights or are used in a Gallery

Keeping The Image Beyond Seven Days

When you save an image to CrowdRiff using Sidekick, it will remain in your Library for seven days. This limit is to give you time to use the image while remaining compliant with Instagram’s regulations. No need to fret though, if you’d like to keep the image forever you have two choices:

  1. Receive Hashtag Rights: If you request hashtag rights to the image, and get a response back from the author within those seven days, you’ll be able to keep the image in your Library long-term.

  2. Use The Image In A Gallery:  If you’re not going to request hashtag rights (perhaps you have a verbal agreement to use the image and you’re going to manually mark it as rights-approved) you can still keep the image long term. You simply have to add the asset to a Gallery and you’ll be good to go.

Want to learn more about adding images via Sidekick and how to keep them in your Library? Check out the CrowdRiff Knowledge Base.

A screenshot of someone posting to a social network and using Sidekick to drag in a photo from their CrowdRiff Library

Access Your Library From Anywhere

CrowdRiff’s Galleries, Photo Walls, embeds, and social publishing make it easy to share UGC across many different marketing channels. Sometimes, though, there are places across the web you want to use UGC that you can’t access directly from the CrowdRiff platform.

Perhaps you’re working on a slide deck that needs a punchy photo. Or maybe you’re creating a marketing email that could really benefit from an authentic visual. Whatever the case, with Sidekick you have instant access to all of your visuals, all without leaving that tab. Simply click the Sidekick icon in your browser and drag over the image you’d like to insert.

Time to Recruit Your Sidekick

Like a good utility belt, the CrowdRiff Sidekick extension gives you the tools you need to be a destination marketing superhero. You’ll never miss another perfect Instagram shot, or spend time trying to figure out how to get that photo into your email. Sidekick has you covered.

Interested in leveraging UGC across your marketing channels (and hoping for a sidekick of your own?) but not yet a CrowdRiff customer? Check out our demo video to learn more.