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8 Travel Experts’ Secrets: How to Maximize the ROI of Your Digital Ads

October 24, 2019

The travel industry is competitive, which can make digital ads expensive and inefficient. It's no surprise that marketing teams are always looking for new ways to get more for less.

But how can you get more return on investment for every dollar you spend on ads?

We asked 8 travel ad experts at OTAs, DMOs, tour operators, and resorts to share their secrets!

What's working well for them? What do their digital ad strategies look like, and how are they maximizing their ad spend?

Read this eBook to learn:

  • How travel industry experts get the most out of their digital ad budgets
  • Strategies for increasing conversions and brand awareness
  • The importance of testing your ads and the power of personalization 
  • How user-generated content can drive ad engagement

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